FBI arrests Texas businessman linked to impeachment of state Attorney General Ken Paxton

FBI agents have arrested a Texas businessman at the center of the scandal that led to the historic impeachment of state Attorney General Ken Paxton AUSTIN, Texas -- The FBI on Thursday arrested a businessman at the center of the scandal that led to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton's historic impeachment, a move that came amid new questions about the men’s dealings raised by financial records the Republican's lawyers made public to try to clear him of bribery allegations. Nate Paul, 36, was taken into custody by federal agents and booked into an Austin jail in the afternoon, according to Travis County Sheriff’s Office records. It was not immediately clear what charges led to his arrest, but the records showed he was being held on a federal detainer for a felony. Paul's arrest followed a yearslong federal investigation into the Austin real estate developer — a probe that Paxton involved his office in, setting off a chain of events that ultimately led to his impeachment last

PHOTOS: Toronto to Washington, DC, blanketed by smoke from Canadian wildfires

Areas from Toronto to New York and Washington are covered in a haze as forecasters warn of more smoke to come from Canadian wildfires. Millions of people in the Midwest and Northeast, from Toronto and New York City to Washington, D.C., faced smoky air throughout the day Tuesday and Wednesday. MORE: Wildfire smoke map: Which US cities, states are being impacted by Canadian wildfires As wildfire smoke from Canada swept south, the New York skyline was barely visible for most of the day, and the smell of the smoke was strong as commuters hit the evening rush. MORE: Smoke from Canadian wildfires could impact the health of millions in the US Fueled by record heat and dry conditions, wildfire s burning in Quebec are impacting millions of people as far south as North Carolina. In Toronto, thick smoke turned the setting sun red, and made views of the city from the CN tower almost invisible. Air quality alerts were issued as the thick haze made breathing difficult and turned skies over much

FedEx pilots vote to authorize strike as they push for higher wages in contract negotiations

FedEx Express pilots are voting to approve a strike if that helps their union get a new contract with the package-delivery giant NEW YORK -- FedEx Express pilots voted overwhelmingly to authorize a strike in a move they hope will help their union win a new contract that would include pay raises. The Air Line Pilots Association said Wednesday that 99% of its FedEx members who took part voted to authorize a strike, and turnout was 97%. Federal law prohibits airline unions from conducting strikes until U.S. mediators have declared negotiations at an impasse — which has not happened at FedEx — and even then, Congress and the president can block a walkout. Unions, however, believe that the votes increase their leverage at the bargaining table. The pilots ' union and Memphis, Tennessee-based FedEx have been negotiating for two years over a new contract while terms of the previous one remain in effect. “Our goal is to reach an agreement, not to strike ," said Chris Norman, head

Homo naledi had a brain one-third the size of humans but displayed intelligence far beyond, according to new discovery

Bigger brains may not equate to higher intelligence after all, according to a remarkable study about the most recently discovered early hominin. Bigger brains may not equate to higher intelligence after all, according to a remarkable discovery about early hominin. Homo naledi, a hominin discovered in the Rising Star cave system in Africa's Cradle of Humankind in 2013, had human-like hands and feet but a brain a third of the size of humans -- a characteristic researchers previously attributed to a marker of far less intelligence than its Homo sapien relatives. But the assertion that bigger brain s make for a smarter species may have been disestablished now that scientists have made a harrowing journey into the Rising Star cave and discover ed that the species -- which lived about 335,000 - 236,000 years ago -- buried its dead and marked the graves. It is the first non- human species in History known to do so, paleoanthropologist and National Geographic Explorer in Residence Lee Be

Chuck Todd leaving NBC political panel show 'Meet the Press' and being replaced by Kristen Welker

Chuck Todd says he's leaving “Meet the Press” after a tumultuous near-decade of moderating the NBC political panel show and will be replaced by Kristen Welker NEW YORK -- Chuck Todd said on Sunday that he'll be leaving “Meet the Press” after a tumultuous near-decade of moderating the NBC political panel show, to be replaced in the coming months by Kristen Welker. Todd, 51, told viewers that “I've watched too many friends and family let work consume them before it was too late” and that he'd promised his family he wouldn't do that. Todd has often been an online punching bag for critics, including Donald Trump, during a polarized time, and there were rumors that his time at the show would be short when its executive producer was reassigned at the end of last summer, but NBC gave no indication this was anything other than Todd’s decision. It's unclear when Todd's last show will be, but he told viewers that this would be his final summer. “I leave feeling co

Tragedy that left 5 dead or missing puts spotlight on safety in Alaska charter fishing industry

Charter fishing industry experts in southeast Alaska say they're eager to learn the cause of a tragedy that left five people dead or lost at sea JUNEAU, Alaska -- Morgan Robidou posed next to the bright aluminum hull of his prized new vessel, a 30-foot (9-meter) fishing boat that he could use to take friends, family or tourists out after salmon or halibut in the bountiful waters of southeast Alaska. “Official boat owner,” he wrote when he posted the photo on social media last October, to congratulatory responses from friends. Seven months later, the boat he named Awakin — “like a boat waking someone” — was found partially submerged off an island west of Sitka in a tragedy that left Robidou and four customers dead or lost at sea and put a spotlight on the safety of the region's vibrant charter fishing industry. “I can’t remember when we had any kind of fatality in our industry, so this is shocking for us,” said Richard Yamada, who sits on various industry boards, including the A

Raphael Varane reveals how Real Madrid lessons can help Man Utd

Manchester United defender Raphael Varane has opened up on the life and sporting lessons taught to him at Real Madrid, including how to stop a team led by Pep Guardiola. The Red Devils take on rivals Manchester City in the FA Cup final on Saturday at Wembley. Man City have their sights set on replicating Man Utd's treble of 1999 - they will face Inter in next week's Champions League final - and the red half of Manchester will be keen to dash those hopes as much as they want to win a second trophy this season. Speaking to the Manchester Evening News , the experienced Varane recalled his experiences of battling Guardiola during their respective time in Spain and how different his Man City side are. "I really enjoy playing here for Man United, playing in England and feeling good with my teammates, having a good connection with the fans," he said. "I think the similarities [with Barcelona in 2011] are Pep and the style of play from City, but it's different. I do

MLB picks Thursday 6/1: YRFI & NRFI best bets today | Pickswise

With plenty of MLB Game s taking place each day, one of the quickest bets you can make is if a run will be scored in the first inning. There is value to be had and this market has become very popular over time. If you don’t like sweating out your bets for 3 hours, this one will only take about 15 minutes. We’re on 38-18 run with our YRFI/NRFI picks , so let’s keep the momentum going! Before we dive in, don’t forget to check out our MLB picks on the side and total for every Game today . There are 2 YRFI/NRFI bets I like on Thursday, so let’s get right into it. Lock in our MLB YRFI/NRFI picks at DraftKings Sportsbook, which has a great sign-up offer where you can bet $5 and get $200 in bonus bets no matter what! Click here to take advantage and get your bonus bets right now.   Philadelphia Phillies vs New York Mets: NRFI (-110) For our first NRFI selection on Monday, I’ll be backing a scoreless opening frame between the Phillies and Mets. Any time Max Scherzer gets the ball, I

No kidding: California overtime law threatens use of grazing goats to prevent wildfires

Grazing goats are in high demand to devour wild grass and shrubs that are proliferating across California after a drought-busting winter of heavy rain and snow WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- Hundreds of goats munch on long blades of yellow grass on a hillside next to a sprawling townhouse complex. They were hired to clear vegetation that could fuel wildfires as temperatures rise this summer. These voracious herbivores are in high demand to devour weeds and shrubs that have proliferated across California after a drought-busting winter of heavy rain and snow. “It’s a huge fuel source. If it was left untamed, it can grow very high. And then when the summer dries everything out, it’s perfect fuel for a fire,” said Jason Poupolo, parks superintendent for the city of West Sacramento, where goats grazed on a recent afternoon. Targeted grazing is part of California’s strategy to reduce wildfire risk because goats can eat a wide variety of vegetation and graze in steep, rocky terrain that’s hard to

UAE announces groundbreaking mission to asteroid belt, seeking clues to life's origins

The United Arab Emirates has unveiled plans to send a spaceship to explore the galaxy’s main asteroid belt, the latest space project by the oil-rich nation after it launched the successful Hope spacecraft to Mars in 2020 DUBAI, United Arab Emirates -- The United Arab Emirates unveiled plans Monday to send a spaceship to explore the solar system's main asteroid belt, the latest space project by the oil-rich nation after it launched the successful Hope spacecraft to Mars in 2020. Dubbed the Emirates Mission to the Asteroid Belt, the project aims to develop a spacecraft in the coming years and then launch it in 2028 to study various asteroid s. “This mission is a follow up and a follow on the Mars mission, where it was the first mission to Mars from the region," said Mohsen Al Awadhi, program director of the Emirates Mission to the Asteroid Belt. "We’re creating the same thing with this mission. That is, the first mission ever to explore these seven asteroids in specific and

When is Arsenal's next game? Pre-season fixtures & 2023/24 start dates

Arsenal's most successful season in two decades - in terms of Premier League points at least - is tinged with regret. After leading the league for an unrivalled 248 days, Arsenal finished the final Sunday sat in second. Mikel Arteta urged his runners-up to "go again with more determination and hunger in our tummies". While the wording didn't make for an entirely thunderous rallying cry - and Arteta was lacking his usual bag of props - it was the right sentiment. Here's what Arteta is gearing Arsenal up for over the coming weeks and months. Pre-season plans Arsenal smashed Wolves on the final day / Catherine Ivill/GettyImages Arsenal pre-season 2023/24: Fixtures and schedule As was the case ahead of the 2022/23 campaign, Arsenal will travel to the US to tune up for the coming season. The first stop of the Gunners' tour is a meeting with the MLS All-Stars on Wednesday 19 July . Wayne Rooney - who famously scored his first Premier League goal against Arsenal as